Home & Property Inspections

After one of our highly trained and certified inspectors has gone through your future dream home or property with a fine-tooth comb, you’ll have the peace of mind that only comes from knowing exactly what shape your new place is in.

HVAC Services

REM Services will make sure you keep your HVAC equipment in good working order by performing regular maintenance, as well as troubleshooting for existing issues.

Duct Repair

Duct work is a necessary part of your home, but if it’s not working properly, the results could be costing you money. For example, 20-30% loss in heat conduction through walls which leads directly into an inefficient air conditioning system and more expensive bills for repairs down the line.

REM Services can fix these money-eating issues by making necessary repairs.

Furnace Cleaning

One of the most important things to do in order to ensure that your furnace and condenser are running well is get them cleaned and serviced regularly.