Greencastle, Indiana

Greencastle, Indiana is a wonderful place to live and work. Located within an hour of Indianapolis, Lafayette (IN), Bloomington & Terre Haute (IL) – over 10K residents share this zip code! Surrounded by rich farm land as well as natural amenities like parks & pathways; Green Castle offers its citizens many opportunities for relaxation while still being close enough that they can enjoy all these things too. There’s DePauw University where you’ll find both academic excellence AND tons upon tons recreational programming including concerts on their Glyder stage or volunteer hours helping those less fortunate in your own backyard with Habitat For Humanity projects–Greencastle has it going nonstop.

R.E.M. Services is centrally located in Terre Haute, Indiana and serves the surrounding areas such as Indianapolis, Paris, Bloomington and more.

Why is an inspection necessary?

A home inspection service is essential for anyone who wishes to buy a new property or sell their current one. R.E.M Services offers thorough inspections of all kinds of properties including residential homes, commercial buildings, & more.

Professional & Honest

With many years in the construction and service industry I decided to do something different. I started R.E.M. Services, LLC to provide truthful and honest service and advice to my customers. Our goal is, and always will be, to provide unmatched customer service alongside professional workmanship and inspections for our customers.

Home & Property Inspections

After one of our highly trained and certified inspectors has gone through your future dream home or property with a fine-tooth comb, you'll have the peace of mind that only comes from knowing exactly what shape your new place is in.

HVAC Services

REM Services will make sure you keep your HVAC/Air Handling systems in good working order by performing regular maintenance, as well as troubleshooting for existing issues.

Duct Inspections & Repair

REM Services is able to inspect your duct systems for debris, and other contaminants. REM Services also repairs and installs duct work to keep you and your family free from allergens, dust, and debris.

Furnace Cleaning

One of the most important things to do in order to ensure that your furnace and condenser are running well is get them cleaned and serviced regularly.